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Re: latest iconv hangs

Mike Maxwell wrote:

> I won't get into the linguistics of it, but I think "reboot" is a little
> more ambiguous than that.  It would be nice if it said "reboot Windows",
> and such a change would be trivial to make.  I thought of re-starting
> CygWin as _rebooting_ CygWin, since once I exit CygWin, I would not have
> thought that anything belonging to it--in particular, any DLLs--would
> still be in memory; and it goes through all my startup files, too.
> Obviously I'm wrong, but I'll bet I'm not the only person who ever
> thought this.

It would never have occured to me in a million years that "reboot" means
anything except actually rebooting the computer.  Do people regularly
make up arbitrary definitions for other computer terms?

> And while it used to be quite common for updates to applications to tell
> you you had to restart Windows, I don't recall any other programs
> running under Windows XP, with the exception of some that affect Windows
> itself (like Internet Explorer), and anti-virus programs, that require
> you to reboot Windows XP.  I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's
> less common these days.  Which is another reason I didn't expect to have
> to reboot Windows for a CygWin update.

And if you close all running Cygwin apps and services as recommended,
you'll never see the message and you'll never have to reboot.  The
problem only comes when you leave Cygwin processes running while you run
setup, which is a problem that standard programs don't tend to have.


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