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Re: latest iconv hangs

Mike Maxwell wrote:
I have used iconv for several years. I just updated my cygwin package last night, and now iconv hangs. That is, all the following commands hang:

iconv -l
iconv --list
echo foo | iconv -f ISO-8859-1 - UTF-8

And it's a "hard hang", too: ^C won't stop it.

I don't have any way to get a version number directly from iconv, but I'm attaching my cygcheck.out file.

Here are what I suspect are the relevant files:

-rwxr-x---+ 1 maxwell Users 19968 Oct 22 19:44 /bin/iconv*
-rwxr-x---+ 1 maxwell Users 1048840 Oct 22 19:44 /lib/libiconv.a*
-rwxr-x---+ 1 maxwell Users    8264 Oct 22 19:44 /lib/libiconv.dll.a*
-rwxr-x---+ 1 maxwell Users     773 Oct 22 19:44 /lib/*

I would revert to earlier versions, but I don't know how. I did re-install the two libiconv packages, to no effect. I'm not sure what package the iconv executable comes in, so I don't know how to re-install that.

I'm running this from the bash shell, if it matters.

Did setup.exe warn you to reboot? I suspect that when you updated libiconv*, you also updated gettext* and libintl* -- and bash (also /bin/sh) uses cygintl-3.dll and cygiconv-2.dll. Therefore, if you had any shells open, those DLLs would have been "in use", and you would have had to reboot to get everything sorted out.

I can't reproduce your problem;

iconv -l
iconv --list
echo foo | iconv -f ISO-8859-1 -t UTF-8

all work fine for me. Please try again after a reboot...if that doesn't work, we will need to discuss strace output...


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