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Problems with terminal -tn setting TERM variable

I'm sorry if there's an easy solution that I haven't found yet, but
I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem with
Cygwin/X's xterm as I am.  xterm -tn doesn't seem to properly set up
the TERM variable.

For example:
xterm -tn xterm-16color -e bash -c 'echo TERM=$TERM; read x'

pops up a Cygwin/X xterm window containing

rxvt -tn xterm-16color -e bash -c 'echo TERM=$TERM; read x'

pops up a Cygwin/X rxvt window containing

Can anyone else confirm this behavior, or offer a suggestion on how to
deal with this behavior?  I want to use xterm, since I couldn't get
the same level of unicode support in rxvt cygwin native, rxvt cygwin x
unicode, or rxvt cygwin.  I also don't want to explicitly set TERM in
one of my dot files, since I use the same ones on many computers.

Thanks in advance for any help!
~Matt Wozniski

PS - I'd attach the output of 'cyginfo -s -v -r', but I don't have
access to the computer running cygwin at the moment; I'm hoping to
have a fix or work-around by the next time I need to use that work
computer.  ;)

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