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Re: Cygintl-3.dll was not found

On Thu, Oct 26, 2006 at 04:51:23PM -0700, gdiviney wrote:
>Yep, I agree whole-heartedly. I ran across this thread because (guess what?)
>the install package did not deliver this file (and I can only guess which
>others). I???ve reviewed the thread and, as you note, you were attacked for
>pointing out the obvious??? 

Actually, if you read the thread, the person doing the attacking was
"infoterrier" who assumed a bunch of things about cygwin development out
of the gate.

He did the same thing you are doing.  Rather than ask for help, he
vented inappropriate frustration and anger at strangers who were giving
him free stuff because he couldn't figure out how to use the free stuff.

He didn't initially provide any details which would allow anyone to help
him.  Just like you.

He responded to a message long after the original poster had been
helped.  Just like you.

So, IMO, he really is not someone to emulate or with whom to seek

I don't know why cygintl-3.dll was not installed for you.  The installer
is supposed to install it.  If it didn't, that's a bug.  We have no idea
what steps you took to get into a state where the file was not installed
and your confrontational style seems to be tailor made to turn people
off towards helping you find out what went wrong.

Maybe that was your intent.  Otherwise, it's certainly hard to figure
out why you would attack strangers who give you free stuff no matter how
bad the "stuff" was.  We didn't force you to download it but, if you
have problems and can state them clearly and politely, we're willing to

>- Insulting your users who become frustrated due to your own shabby
>work is perfectly OK.

>Some tips for Cygwin people:
>-	When a user selects a set of items to install, perhaps the install package
>should deliver all the necessary files to make it work.
>-	When a user complains about a file not being delivered, maybe instead of
>insulting them, you can first assume your package has err???d until it???s shown
>I guess I???ll keep looking for a solution for the issue that begat this
>thread, since I have encountered the same problem.
>A one-hour compiler class assignment has become an all-day goose-hunt.
>Thanks Cygwin developers! Maybe someday I???ll have the opportunity to
>waste an entire day of your lives.  If it weren???t for schools, your
>aberrant work would have been forgotten long ago.

If you don't like our shabby work or our attitude then you have a really
simple solution - stay far away from Cygwin.  If some school or
professor is forcing you to use Cygwin, then take your complaint to
them.  We really couldn't care less about your inability to figure out the
software when you can't muster the civility to ask for help politely.

(And, actually, we probably wouldn't care all that much even if you did
ask politely, but we would still try to help anyway)

Btw, if it took you all day to do a google search for Cygintl-3.dll,
that also tells us a little bit about you and, what it tells us, is not
all that impressive.


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