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Re: Cygintl-3.dll was not found

Yep, I agree whole-heartedly. I ran across this thread because (guess what?)
the install package did not deliver this file (and I can only guess which
others). Iâve reviewed the thread and, as you note, you were attacked for
pointing out the obviousâ 

Apparently, if youâre a Cygwin believer or developer:

-	Youâre automatically right

-	You think thereâs nothing wrong with forcing every single user to spend
hours sifting through artifacts of your failed install package to provide a
detailed and explicit report of what when wrong and how to fix it before
taking action.

-	Insulting your users who become frustrated due to your own shabby work is
perfectly OK.

Some tips for Cygwin people:

-	When a user selects a set of items to install, perhaps the install package
should deliver all the necessary files to make it work.

-	When a user complains about a file not being delivered, maybe instead of
insulting them, you can first assume your package has errâd until itâs shown

I guess Iâll keep looking for a solution for the issue that begat this
thread, since I have encountered the same problem.

A one-hour compiler class assignment has become an all-day goose-hunt. 
Thanks Cygwin developers! Maybe someday Iâll have the opportunity to waste
an entire day of your lives. If it werenât for schools, your aberrant work
would have been forgotten long ago. 

infoterror wrote:
> Notes:
> The cygwin installer is a disaster. If this project follows the norm of
> "open source" projects, you will be accused of incompetence and/or
> conspiracy with Microsoft if you point this out. However, it's obvious.
> Based on two installs I did, it's easy to get the "cygintl-3.dll problem"
> without doing anything wrong. Sometimes the installer (or perhaps the
> mirror site?) fails to include it even though it seems necessary.
> I find it somewhat amusing that UNIX activists choose to try to convert
> windows people by using non-standard installers that don't work. This is
> the mark of a "thin intelligence," or someone who can handle pre-defined
> tasks but is incapable of critical thinking.

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