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Re: How to go through a company proxy with ssh ?

I don't know about corkscrew, but some variation of the below which I
use may be helpful to you.

 Darel Henman
		# Example:
		## Get connect (small yet good)
		#  wget
		## Compile it
		# gcc connect.c -o connect
		## Install it somewhere in your path
		# install -m 755 connect /bin
		## Configure SSH (example)
		## set up ~/.ssh/config.txt or config
		## so it can go through your proxy.
		# overwrites you .../.ssh/config (or edit)
		cat <> ~/.ssh/config		
		     ProxyCommand connect -H
proxy-2.your-company-proxy-nameoraddress:8080 %h %p
# the 8080 is the proxy port addr.  use whatevery
# your company uses:  You may have to look into
# your file to find the a proxy
direct address....

At this point you might try:
   ssh -p 443 <arguments-if-any>


On 10/26/06, DePriest, Jason R. <> wrote:
On 10/25/06, Teggy P Veerapen <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to figure out how to connect to a remote ssh server (in fact to my
> home pc which is hosting cygwin/sshd server) with the standard ssh client
> coming with cygwin and I need to go through my company proxy.
> I have done some search on the internet on such issue and I have read about the
> ProxyCommand in ssh configuration

I use corkscrew ( to make use of the
ProxyCommand feature in my ~/.ssh/config file.

It works great.


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