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Re: 1.5.21-1: CIFS symlinks on network share break Cygwin

DePriest, Jason R. wrote:
On 10/25/06, Larry Hall (Cygwin) <> wrote:
Certainly this and quoting raw email addresses could be offered as
guidelines in <>.  Care to offer a

The "submitting a patch" guidelines seem to refer to program patches... since this is only an HTML update, here it is.

<a name="etiquette">
<li><p>When you respond to a report, you must remember to <em>include
only what is relevant</em>.</p>

I would have said ", please <em>include..." as opposed to " must remember to..."

<p>The contents of the original message or of any other responses are not sacred. Do not hesitate to trim out the extraneous parts as the full messages will still be available as either previously received emails or permantently in the archives.<br>

...but I like this part. :-) Spell checker: s/permantently/permanently/

<em>Avoid <a href="";>TOFU</a> entirely</em>.
Putting your replies at the top of the message instead of inline where appropriate and leaving every single bit of the original message and all of the other replies and observations below makes for a very untidy archive. As was arleady mentioned, the original messages are still available. We don't need you wasting space and bandwidth because you couldn't be bothered to hit the DEL key a few times.</p>

...and especially this part. :-) s/arleady/already/

<p>In addition, please observe <a href="";>PCYMTNQREAIYR</a>
as we are not in the habit of feeding Spam bots.</p></li>

Again, I would shorten this to "In addition, PCYMTNQREAIYR, as we..." (but with the link, of course), or alternatively you might consider spelling out the acronym (leaving the link on the whole phrase), or spell it out and provide the acronym (with link) in parentheses after.

When on POSIX, do as POSIX mandates.

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