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device drivers - general info

Hi group,

I am running windows 2k with the most recent Cygwin version 1.5.21-1,
just installed it last week.

I wish to create a C++ program that communicates with a windows device
driver (for a PCI card that interfaces with external electronics).
The maker of the driver has provided a C++ library that allows me to
write C++ programs that communicate with the PCI card, and i know that
this works in regular windows, but i am feeling unsure about whether
it will work in Cygwin.

Would you say "in general yes, that kind of thing should work"?  Is
there a general rule for how Cygwin interacts with windows hardware
drivers?  is there a web-page that will explain driver issues within
Cygwin (googling the cygwin site has been unfruitful so far)?

If you need more specifics i'll provide them.  I can't simply test
this because I don't have the driver, and i won't buy it ($900) unless
i feel assured that i will be able to make it work, hence this email.


George Locke

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