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Re: SanDisk U3

On 10/24/06, Newton Robinson wrote:
I see your point.  Has anyone created a distribution for a Flash Drive?  Has
anyone created a start script that will remount for any Windows system?  I
have seen a couple older posts talking about compressed executables (upx I
think), but no follow-ups.

I use the following bat files to set up the required Cygwin mounts. The bat files must exist in a directory which contains a Cygwin installation under cygwin. For example, the set up could be:

Flash drive as F:
F:\install.bat - Set up user Cygwin mounts, backing up any existing mounts
F:\uninstall.bat - Remove Cygwin mounts and restore previous mounts
F:\run.bat - Run bash
F:\cygwin - Cygwin installation

The bat files do not assume any specific drive letter.

I have the install script set up to mount the directory containing the
scripts as /home/user, then run.bat sets HOME to /home/user.  The
user's Windows TEMP folder is mounted as /tmp, to reduce writes the
flash drive.

I had to rename the .bat files to .txt to get Gmail to accept them as

> Svend Sorensen wrote:
> You can also install Cygwin to a flash
> drive.  Making it portable takes a few extra steps (basically you set
> up a bat file which adds the Cygwin mounts to the new computer).

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