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How to go through a company proxy with ssh ?


I am trying to figure out how to connect to a remote ssh server (in fact to my
home pc which is hosting cygwin/sshd server) with the standard ssh client
coming with cygwin and I need to go through my company proxy. In fact I have
happily been using the cygwin/ssh client and cygwin/sshd server configuration
with my previous company which didn't have any proxy whereas with my current
company, all internet traffic goes through the proxy server.

I have done some search on the internet on such issue and I have read about the
ProxyCommand in ssh configuration and a tool called netcat (or nc) but it would
seem that only the openbsd version of nc will do the trick (the version found in
cygwin packages won't be of any help).

I was wondering that since cygwin setup software is able to nicely connect to
the internet via a proxy when using the option "Use IE5 Settings", there should
be a way to tell ssh client to use IE5 settings when connecting to the ssh
server ...

Any help and or pointer to such issue is most welcome,



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