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Re: cygwin out of sync with version?

Actually, I just found the specific reference under the experimental bash release, I see the notes now. Thanks for the quick response, my script is running as intended, I can actually get some work done today ;)

Thanks again,

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
Joey Officer wrote:
I have a script that I run, the script is:

for i in $( ls *.gz ); do
echo Searching $i
zcat -c $i | grep $1 >> searchresults.txt
echo Finsihed searching $i , moving on to the next file...

Now, this used to work just fine, but now I receive the following error message:

$ ./findme.bash 10.65.118.
'/findme.bash: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `do
'/findme.bash: line 2: `        for i in $( ls *.gz ); do

The only thing that I can think of that might have changed was that I recently downloaded and installed the mjpegtools for cygwin, which might have been compiled under a different version of cygwin, earlier/devel? ... at anyrate, I've run this same script on another linux box for testing, and it still works just fine, which is why I'm back to thinking that this is a problem with my install of cygwin.

Is there a way to repair the existing installation, or a way to confirm that all of the installed software is the correct version? I've already run the setup, and had it perform the updates that were available, but it still is erroring out.

Read the announcement for the recent release of bash and run your script through 'd2u'. The former should familiarize you with the basis for this issue and possible solutions in general and the latter will fix your current problem. ;-)

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