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using sshd as a non-administrator: minor issues and an aliasing question

I just installed cygwin with the sshd package on a machine on which I do not
have admin privileges. The installation of cygwin went fine, and I'm having
(minor) trouble with sshd:

1. (minor issue) When I run ssh-host-config I get a plethora of error
messages, but they seem mostly harmless, i.e. trying to access places where
only an admin would go, service lists, etc. Of course, one would except the
script to check what privileges the user running it has, and only act
admin-ishly if it is running for an admin, but nevermind.

2. (semi-minor issue) If I try to run sshd, even with
sePrivilegeSeparation=no, I get:

Privilege separation user sshd does not exist

... which, so I gather, is due to the following:

WWHHHYYY did they do that? Anyway, I fabricated an sshd user by copying my
own user line in /etc/passwd and replacing the username with sshd. This
allows sshd.exe to run, fork, background itself and stay running - but I'm
not sure if what I did is "The right thing (TM)".

Now for my questions:

1. Should I have installed/configured cygwin/sshd/both in a different way?
2. Should I report a bug about any of these issues? If so, where to?
3. How do I add new username/password combinations other than my real NT
username and password? I want the sshd to only accept myalias/tehfauxpass
instead of myrealuser/therealpass , and of course not try to switch users to
myalias but rather allow work as myrealuser.
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