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Re: Is "inetd" usable with cygwin?

"Larry Hall (Cygwin)" <> wrote in message">
> Dave Down wrote:
>> I'm a new cygwin user but I'm a long term windows user and have worked 
>> with
>> unix/linux in the past.  I can use the cygwin network clients, but I'm
>> confused about the server daemons.  On regular linux systems, "inetd" is
>> started automatically, but it isn't with cygwin .  I looked for 
>> information
>> about this in the user manual, but didn't see it mentioned.
>> I then looked around in files and found in "inetd.conf" that the command
>> "net start inetd" should start it, but when I enter the command, I get 
>> the
>> error "The service name is invalid." from the windows net utility and I
>> didn't find documentation for installing it as a service.
>> So, is "inetd" not usable with cygwin or is there somewhere that I can 
>> read
>> about how to set it up?  Does it conflict with windows network services? 
>> I
>> can start the windows telnet server and log in from another computer that
>> way and the Xwindows features of cygwin are working fine, so I'd expect 
>> the
>> others like "ftpd" should be usable too.
>> I'll continue to dig around trying to find answers, but if someone would
>> spend a few minutes to save me many more hours of frustration, I'd
>> appreciate it...
> Read '/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/inetutils-1.3.2.README' and then use
> '/usr/bin/iu-config' to configure it.  Do the first thing first and
> the second thing second to avoid tripping and falling.  Also, don't
> run with scissors! ;-)
Thanks for the quick reply, the README file was the info I was looking for. 
However, after following the instructions for WinXP, "net start inetd" 
produces the error "The service is not responding to the control function". 
I also added syslogd as a service and it starts up fine.  I also tried 
xinetd and it handles all of the internal services fine, but none of the 
external ones.  I'm wondering of files permissions might be a factor here? 

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