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Re: SanDisk U3

I see your point. Has anyone created a distribution for a Flash Drive? Has anyone created a start script that will remount for any Windows system? I have seen a couple older posts talking about compressed executables (upx I think), but no follow-ups.

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Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: SanDisk U3

On 10/24/06, Newton Robinson wrote:

I have looked at the apps that are available and most are not something I am
interested in, however there were a few utilities such as PuTTY that did
interest me. I was wondering if anyone was looking into a minimal CYGWIN
installation for U3. I think it would be great to have BASH, text
processing, and other critical tools on the flash drive.

I don't see the benefit of U3. You can put the standalone PuTTY binaries on ANY flash drive. You can also install Cygwin to a flash drive. Making it portable takes a few extra steps (basically you set up a bat file which adds the Cygwin mounts to the new computer).

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