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Re: 1.5.21-1: CIFS symlinks on network share break Cygwin

Jonathan Lanier wrote:
Well, I thought of that - first rule of debugging, calculatus
eliminatus.  I tried it; but, attempts to use the older DLLs with newer
apps (or vice-versa) result in corrupted shared memory, and force me to
reboot my WinXP box.  I've been under the impression that cygwin1.dll
isn't really meant to be cross-compatible with applications built
against other versions of Cygwin, which would probably make the search
useless.  If anyone knows otherwise, I'm keen to hear anything about
cygwin1.dll-swapping that could be of use - i.e. how far back I could go
and expect to retain binary compatibility.

There is backwards binary compatibility but not forward. So I'd suggest, if you're interested in trying this, that you use your 1.5.14 environment and swap in DLLs until it doesn't work. But keep your original DLL so you can "reset" it at the end. Start with the oldest snapshot and binary search your way in.

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