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RE: Re: 1.5.21-1: CIFS symlinks on network share break Cygwin

Well, I thought of that - first rule of debugging, calculatus
eliminatus.  I tried it; but, attempts to use the older DLLs with newer
apps (or vice-versa) result in corrupted shared memory, and force me to
reboot my WinXP box.  I've been under the impression that cygwin1.dll
isn't really meant to be cross-compatible with applications built
against other versions of Cygwin, which would probably make the search
useless.  If anyone knows otherwise, I'm keen to hear anything about
cygwin1.dll-swapping that could be of use - i.e. how far back I could go
and expect to retain binary compatibility.

Of course, I could always reinstall the older versions complete from
scratch, but if I did that, I'd need to find archives of the older
Cygwins, and I'd probably use a different PC, as I spent a lot of time
configuring this one and I don't really want to blow Cygwin away if I
can help it.  I was kind of hoping someone here might have some idea
what was going on with the internals of Cygwin/WinXP that might provide
a more direct approach at solving the problem.  But if it comes to that,
then yes, I could try it.

- Jonathan Lanier

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Subject: Re: 1.5.21-1: CIFS symlinks on network share break Cygwin

Jonathan Lanier wrote:
> Also, because (I know the FAQ
> says not to say this, but I think it's useful information in this 
> case) we have a much older version of Cygwin (cygcheck reports 
> v1.5.14) that works flawlessly with CIFS and does not suffer the same 
> problems.  So, at the very least, it appears that something changed in

> Cygwin that is now exposing the undesired behavior.

This should be screaming "way to narrow down the problem" at you; IOW
you should try your test with various versions of cygwin1.dll, doing a
binary search, until you have a more specific idea of when the behavior

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