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Is "inetd" usable with cygwin?

I'm a new cygwin user but I'm a long term windows user and have worked with
unix/linux in the past.  I can use the cygwin network clients, but I'm
confused about the server daemons.  On regular linux systems, "inetd" is
started automatically, but it isn't with cygwin .  I looked for information
about this in the user manual, but didn't see it mentioned.

I then looked around in files and found in "inetd.conf" that the command
"net start inetd" should start it, but when I enter the command, I get the
error "The service name is invalid." from the windows net utility and I
didn't find documentation for installing it as a service.

So, is "inetd" not usable with cygwin or is there somewhere that I can read
about how to set it up?  Does it conflict with windows network services?  I
can start the windows telnet server and log in from another computer that
way and the Xwindows features of cygwin are working fine, so I'd expect the
others like "ftpd" should be usable too.

I'll continue to dig around trying to find answers, but if someone would
spend a few minutes to save me many more hours of frustration, I'd
appreciate it...

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