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Re: emacs and cc-mode

On Tue, 24 Oct 2006 12:46:54 +0800, Wynfield Henman <> wrote:

William Xue,
   do you get this problem when you open up a new cpp file?   e.g.

$ emacs new-file.cpp

Yes, the message is in *Messages* buffer. ---8<--------------------------------------------->8--- (emacs test.cpp) Loading disp-table...done Loading encoded-kb...done Loading autorevert...done Loading completion...done Loading edmacro...done For information about the GNU Project and its goals, type C-h C-p. (New file) Loading cc-mode...done File mode specification error: (void-function x-popup-menu) Loading jit-lock...done ---8<--------------------------------------------->8---

Your are right you don't need X-windows. Emacs will detect if its in an X-win or not and choose the console interface if not.

Maybe try to:
   (1) reinstall it

I tried. The same problem.

(2) uninstall and try the 21.12.13 or previous version

Yes, it covered the issue. But some functions are missing in those versions.
Like, next-buffer.

   (3)  try building it from scratch.  The autoconfig
       and other tools will configure it for your system. etc...
    configure using the " --without-x" if you don't want
   it to handle x-windows at all..

   (4) if you were going to do this (build from source) you might as
well try the latest emacs

I have downloaded the sourcecodes from cvs(both emacs22 and emacs-unicode-2),
but the build effort was failed. I used following steps:

make bootstrap

Darel Henman

P.S.  Since I am using GNU Emacs, built from cvs, I can't
duplicate your environment.  Sorry.


> william xue wrote:
>> It's annoying. Anybody could tell me how to workaround it?
> Read the manual... hint: emacs -nw <filename>

at least -nw was not useful.

About the manual, C-h f could not find the x-popup-menu.

Could you show me something in detail?

>> P.S.: I did not install any X libs. The console satisfied me.
>> Thanks!
>> On 10/19/06, William Xue <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I installed the cygwin today and the emacs' version is
>>> when I open cpp files, there is an error:
>>>   File mode specification error: (void-function x-popup-menu)
>>> are there something I missed? How can I fix this issue?

Sincerely yours,

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-- Sincerely yours, William

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