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Re: emacs and cc-mode

William Xue,
  do you get this problem when you open up a new cpp file?   e.g.

$ emacs new-file.cpp

Your are right you don't need X-windows. Emacs will detect if its in
an X-win or not and choose the console interface if not.

Maybe try to:
  (1) reinstall it
  (2)  uninstall and try the 21.12.13 or previous version
  (3)  try building it from scratch.  The autoconfig
      and other tools will configure it for your system. etc...
   configure using the " --without-x" if you don't want
  it to handle x-windows at all..

  (4) if you were going to do this (build from source) you might as
well try the latest emacs

Darel Henman

P.S.  Since I am using GNU Emacs, built from cvs, I can't
duplicate your environment.  Sorry.


> william xue wrote:
>> It's annoying. Anybody could tell me how to workaround it?
> Read the manual... hint: emacs -nw <filename>

at least -nw was not useful.

About the manual, C-h f could not find the x-popup-menu.

Could you show me something in detail?

>> P.S.: I did not install any X libs. The console satisfied me.
>> Thanks!
>> On 10/19/06, William Xue <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I installed the cygwin today and the emacs' version is
>>> when I open cpp files, there is an error:
>>>   File mode specification error: (void-function x-popup-menu)
>>> are there something I missed? How can I fix this issue?

Sincerely yours,

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