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How do I kill a grandchild process from shell program?

I've been Googling all afternoon trying to figure out whether this is a bug, a "feature", or a stupid user problem. If it's the latter, I apologize in advance...

I'm using Cygwin v1.5.21-2 and bash v3.1.17(9) under Windows XP Pro.

I have two shell programs - one that launches the other in the background. The background one runs a utility program that (under normal circumstances) will shut down gracefully.

However, if things don't work fine, the background process sticks around to plague me later.

I'd like to end my main script by killing the background process (if it's still around), but I'm having a helluva time figuring out HOW.

I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I learned about the %?S jobspec, but kill doesn't seem to respect it. It reports "no such job" (see Note 1)

I can use "kill $!" in the main script, but that only kills the background bash process, leaving the utility program running.


1) Is "kill %?name" supposed to work in this environment?
2) Is there a simple way to kill a process along with its children?

Thanks for reading this far...

Note 1)
Here's an example "ps" output and the associated "kill" command:
$ ps
 2196     1  2196    2196  con 11024 16:10:01 /usr/bin/bash
  724  2196   724     716  con 11024 17:00:39 /usr/bin/sh
 3340   724   724    3048  con 11024 17:00:41 /usr/local/bin/ocdremote
 3556  2196  3556    2192  con 11024 17:00:49 /usr/bin/ps

$ kill %?ocdremote
bash: kill: %?ocdremote: no such job

Jim Seymour

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