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RE: Cygwin broken after update (PATH problem?)

On 23 October 2006 07:49, Com MN PG P E B Consultant 3 wrote:

>>   Your /etc/profile has DOS-style CRLF line endings.
> Well, the problem is that there *is* no /etc/profile at all.

  Well, that tells us two things:

1)  Setup must have failed part-way through.  Normally re-running it, with
"Install from local package directory", and clicking through all the default
options, and letting it run to completion should fix any problems, but I see
you tried that already.  Hmm.

2)  One or more of your /other/ bash startup scripts has CRLF line-endings.

> Here is the content of my etc:


>>   You will, I'm sure, not have updated your version of bash without reading
>> the relevant release announcement,
> What type of announcement? 

  The release announcements, that are posted to the cygwin-announce list as
well as to the main cygwin list, every time that a cygwin package is updated.
Weren't you curious about what updates you were going to get and in what way
they would be different from what you already had installed?  This one:

seems to explain at least part of your problem: self-overwriting error
messages are a sign of CRLF line-ends.

> I went to (on this
> page, there is definitely no "release announcement" to see), 

  Not all the documentation at the website is on the front page.
It wouldn't all fit.  You're expected to have browsed the docs, faq and
mailing-list summaries of your own accord.  (The fact that you're here
suggests you /did/ read the mailing-list summary page...)

> then
> clicked on "install or update", which executed setup, then I got
> a list of possible packages (in which I added a few), and let it
> run.

> Isn't this the way an update is supposed to be done?

  Yes, it is; it seems something has gone wrong.
>>   It won't overwrite a locally-modified /etc/profile, that's
>> deliberate.
> And it is a good thing to do. So it seems that setup did not overwrite,
> but delete it, which is really kind of strange.

  Yep, it's absolutely not meant to do that.  Which means that something went
badly wrong, but it's a bit hard to guess what.

  If setup.exe doesn't repair the system for you, you can get a fresh copy of
/etc/profile out of /etc/defaults/etc.  Hmm, you probably want bash.basrc from
there as well, that seems to be missing from your /etc listing.  Try copying
those two files across, then see what you get, and don't forget to try d2u'ing
your ~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_profile.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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