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environment variables not propagating when i log in via sshd

Greetings, I've really tried to look through the archives and the FAQ and can't
find a reason why my problem is occurring.

I am running latest cygwin and installed sshd as a service under XP. I am
running bash as well.

When I start a bash shell on the Windows box itself, system variables (as set
under the Windows "environment variables" facility) are visible in bash under
"env". I'm not using User variables.

When I log into a bash shell (as me) remotely through sshd, many variables are
NOT visible. What's even weirder is that some are and some are not. So for
visible, but other variables (the ones I define, in general) are not. 

How can I make my system environment variables appear when I ssh through sshd? 

Thanks -


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