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Re: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

The answers to Larry Hall's questions on my original posting are below.

Andy Hall wrote: 
It seems that somewhere between cygwin 1.5.19-4 and 1.5.21-2 some change was
made that causes this error.   I have a bash script that is used to create a
number of client processes that run in parallel and generate TCP/IP
conversations with a remote server being tested   This script can configure
and run any number of these clients executing simultaneously.  The clients
can be either .exe files based on .NET or a JVM (.exe) running a Java-based
client.   These scripts run flawlessly on Linux or Solaris (java clients
only) or on a Win2K Professional box running cygwin 1.5.19-4 (both java or
.NET clients)   They were also running flawlessly on a Win2K Server, until
it got upgraded to cygwin   After that, the scripts run for a
while until the message "fork: Resource temporarily unavailable" occurs, at
which point there are all sorts of bizarre and unexplainable failures.  If
run for a reasonable amount of time these scripts will always result in this
error message.

The obvious question is,  "How can we revert the Win2K Server back to cygwin so that we can continue to run tests from this machine?

Alternatively, is there fix or patch available for this?

I have attached the output of cygcheck for both machines. 

Larry Hall's questions:

How does it run outside the terminal server?

> I did the experiment.  Running from the console fails as well.  

Has the virus scanner been installed/updated on the server?  How about
recently installed Logitech drivers?  Both of these have been implicated
in fork-related failures. 

> This is an out-of-the-box, vanilla W2K Server with up-to-date MS patches,
> simple CRT console and serial mouse.  No A/V SW or special drivers.
> The only third party software installed is:

> 1. J2SE JDK 1.5
> 2. MS .NET Framework 1.1
> 3. MySQL (which is not running)
> 4. Secure Shell (which was not running in the above experiment)
> 5. Cygwin

Andy Hall
KonaWare, Inc.

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