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Re: Ghostscript setup problem. (Was: Can't preview postscript files under xdvi)

Rodrigo Medina wrote:

> It seems to me that it is solving the problem in the wrong place. It is
> not a xdvi problem. It is a cygwin setup problem. You can have similar
> troubles with many other programs. It is unconvenient to have 2 versions
> of gs installed simultaneously, one in /bin and the other in
> /usr/X11R6/bin.

I concorde that this is a setup not a xdvi problem. I remember other posts
in the past, describing problems caused by this double installation of

I would ask if the following can be another methods to install

The ghostscript-x11 package should be only made of


The postinstall, if in /bin there is gs.exe (the no-x11 version), should
copy it in gs.exe.orig (or similar) and create the link gs.exe -->

The preremove, if in /bin gs.exe.orig exists then gs.exe --> gs.exe.orig.

Obviously this is only an approach.

If I remember correctly, in the past version of Ghostscript (before
8.15) there was a similar method to install GS (creating appropriate links 
to the right version) and it was developped exactly to solve problems
flagged to the lists.


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