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Re: wxwidgets configure script won't run, syntax errors

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> Koen Martens wrote:
>> bash-3.1$ ./configure
>> : command not found4:
>> ./configure: line 22: syntax error near unexpected token `elif'
>> ./configure: line 22: `elif test -n "${BASH_VERSION+set}" && (set -o
>> posix) >/de
>> '/null 2>&1; then
>> bash-3.1$
>> Now, afaik 'elif' is valid syntax for sh/bash.. In fact, any gnu
>> configure script has this syntax.
>> My guess is that there is some basic thing I missed in setting up
>> the cygwin environment, and I'm hoping someone on the list knows.
>> I've searched the mailing list archive, to no avail. Also, google is
>> not my friend in this case.
>> Sorry for wasting time!
> You have CRNL as line endings in your files (bad) and you apparently
> have put
> them on a binary mount (good).  In short, you'd see this same problem on
> Linux with the files in question (or using the tools that you did to unpack
> the files).  I recommend running all the files through 'd2u'.  You'll have
> better luck then.

You are absolutely right of course, d2u on those files and it worked
like a charm. I've now even got the wx perl bindings compiled. Or at
least, minus the sockets and the STC which i'm not using anyway.




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