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Ghostscript setup problem. (Was: Can't preview postscript files under xdvi)

On October 17 Igor Peshansky wrote:

>On Tue, 17 Oct 2006, Toby Allsopp wrote:
>> I have had a similar problem caused by the fact that xdvi uses the
>> first gs it finds on the PATH and if you have the ghostscript and
>> ghostscript-x11 packages installed this is the non-X11 one and thus it
>> can't render to xdvi's window.
>> I have the following line in my ~/.Xresources file to fix it:
>> xdvi.interpreter: gs-x11
>> You could also pass the -interpreter option to xdvi.

>Thanks, this is useful information.  Should xdvi be configured OOTB to
>look for gs-x11?  If so, can the xdvi maintainer (if we have one) make a
>new release?

It seems to me that it is solving the problem in the wrong place.
It is not a xdvi problem. It is a cygwin setup problem. You can have similar
troubles with many other programs. It is unconvenient to have 2 versions
of gs installed simultaneously, one in /bin and the other in /usr/X11R6/bin.

1) You need the no-x11-gs only if you do not have the X11 installed.

2) There are packages that require gs (e.g. transfig), the setup program
insists in installing no-x11-gs even if you have x11-gs.

I think that the proper setup behavior should be:
1) To install a single copy of gs always in /bin.
2) To install the no-x11 version only if don't have X11
3) If you have both versions installed uninstall both and install x11-gs in
4) If you had no-x11-gs and then you install X11, then alert that you should
   reinstall gs.

I have uninstalled the no-x11-gs and I nerver had any problem,
exept from the fact that the setup program always wants to install it again.

Rodrigo Medina

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