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Cygwin broken after update (PATH problem?)

I had used Cygwin happily for many month. Now I wanted to update it and
it does not work
anymore. For example, when I click on the Cygwin Icon to start a bash
shell, it first 
displays the error messages

: No such file or directory
: No such file or directory
: command not found
: command not found

and then doesn't find any programs (i.e. I can't do a ls, cat, or

bash-3.1$ ls
bash: ls: command not found

The programs *are* right there in C:\cygwin\bin, but an echo $PATH
revealed that this directory 
is not in the PATH:

bash-3.1$ echo $PATH
/c/Program Files/CatPC/Bin:/c/Program
em32:/c/WINNT:/c/WINNT/System32/Wbem:/c/Program Files/Employee
ram Files/IDM computer/UltraEdit10.10c:/c/Program

I guess the PATH is supposed to be set in /etc/profile, but when I check
C:\cygwin\etc, there is
no profile. Interestingly, csh.cshrc and csh.login *are* there.

Here is how I had performed the cygwin update:

First I reloaded setup.exe from the Cygwin website, to get the most
recent version of setup.
Then I executed setup. When setup asked me where to put the cygwin
directory etc., I always
kept the default values.

After I had observed that my bash doesn't work anymore, I repeated the
setup, to give it
a chance to cleanup any inconsistencies, but it didn't change anything.

Ronald Fischer (phone +49-89-63676431)

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