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Re: igncr vs text mode mounts, performance vs compatibility

On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 09:50:00PM -0400, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
>Brian Dessent wrote:
>>Rob Walker wrote:
>>>I looked into my scripts a little harder, have better results, some new
>>I think you are missing the point somewhat.  The thing you need to
>>benchmark against is the older bash version before the 'igncr' option
>>even existed, which read every script one byte at a time regardless of
>>mount type or line endings.  With typical 'configure' scripts easily
>>exceeding 200 kB (and some more than 2.5 MB!), this resulted in massive
>>overhead.  *That* was the performance hit that motivated this whole
>>ordeal in the first place.
>>I understand you are advocating for igncr being set by default, but I
>>got the impression that everyone agreed that this would probably be a
>>good idea, and that Eric would probably make this the default
>Indeed.  If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that every possible
>angle of CRLF handling has been covered in one thread or another in the
>last month or so.  Let's leave this all in Eric's capable hands.  I'm
>confident that whatever he comes up with will be better than where we
>started and a vast improvement overall for everyone.  From what I've seen
>so far, and what Rob's results would confirm, is that the changes made
>already are a giant leap forward.  Obviously if there turns out to be a
>flaw in the delivered result, I am also very confident that someone on
>this list will find it and report it.  Until then, we can all bask in
>the bliss of an issue well-covered and the lack of a need for further
>email on the subject. :-)

I agree.  We certainly don't need any more email on the subject.  More
email would be overkill.


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