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Re: Installation or update using package list

Maurício wrote:
Gustavo Seabra wrote:
On 10/18/06, Maurício <> wrote:

   Is it possible to write a text file with a list of packages, and ask
cygwin to ensure all of them are installed at the latest version, as
well as all needed dependencies?


Doesn't the Cygwin setup program automatically does that? (Apart from the file, which is probably there in some place as well...)


How? I know how to install with setup using the mouse, selecting each package I want by hand. How can I select a text file to be used as a list of selected packages?

There are more details about using 'setup.exe' from the command line with
arguments in the email archives but this link should get you started with
the basic list:


See the "Miscellaneous Information".

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