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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: zip-2.32-2

Zip is an open-source, command-line alternative to other zip-format archives such as WinZip, etc. zip-2.32 is the latest release from Info-Zip,

CHANGES (from zip-2.3-6)

* NOTE: there was a test release of 2.31-1, but it was never promoted to
  current.  Also, the cygwin-ports project has released an unofficial
  2.32-1 version.

* updated to version latest official release

* built using cygport (thanks to the guys at

* version number is 2.32-2 so as to supersede cygwin-ports 2.32-1.
  + cygwin-ports version is missing many of the cygwin specific patches
    found in the 2.3-6 and earlier official releases.
  + This version, 2.32-2, includes the cygport build recipe work from
    cygwinports, but also the cygwin-specific patches from earlier
    official cygwin zip packages.

New things in Zip 2.31

- Crypt now part of source distribution (see
- Bug fixes:
  - Debian patch 001 - Converted quoted strings
  - Debian patch 002 - Makefile changes
  - Debian patch 003 - Build changes
  - Debian patch 004 - Changes to unix/configure
  - Debian patch 005 - Fix for FNMAX path bug
- Split VMS -V into -V and -VV (see Manual)
- New VC6 project files thanks to Cosmin
- AtheOS port (thanks to Ruslan Nickolaev)
- Add api.c kluge for zip32.dll to support Visual Basic
- Binary detection changed from 20% binary to new algorithm
  that should better detect word processing files as binary
  and should accept UTF-8 files as text.  This flags the file
  in the archive as TEXT or BINARY for use by UnZip for line
  end conversion (see proginfo/txtvsbin.txt)
- License update
- DJGPP fixes
- Many Makefile updates
- Fixes to ZipSplit, ZipNotes, and ZipCloak

New things in Zip 2.32

- Fixed -R operation to match the supplied file patterns in all recursed
  subdirectories, like PKZIP 2.04 "-p -r" (or PKZIPC 4+ "-recurse")
- Handle cases where -x, -R, and -i patterns are mixed
- Fixes to ZipSplit, ZipNotes, and ZipCloak
- Example C-Sharp code added for using zip32.dll (thanks to Adrian
- Implemented some directory search speedups
- Windows NTFS time fix
- Fix VMS logical name parse problem
- Handle VMS [...]
- Add VMS DEBUG option
- Fixed bug when encrypting large uncompressable files
- Updated VMS help
- Fixed selecting files to delete by date bug
- Add new option, -MM, that will force Zip to exit with an OPEN error
  (usually error code 18) as soon as it finds an input pattern that
  is not matched during the directory scan or an input file that is
  unreadable or locked when Zip tries to open it, and without creating
  an archive (Note that, without -MM, Zip will do the usual thing of
  warning when a pattern is not matched and skipping files it can't
  read, creating the archive with what it can read, then exiting with
  an OPEN error if files were skipped)
- Add check for when zip tries to exceed the limit for seeking in
  the output file and exit with error, instead of creating a
  possibly bad archive
- Can now handle Unix FIFO (named pipes)
- Minor changes to allow Zip to compile with Visual C++ 2005



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