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Re: Bash fails to run .bat file with spaces in pathname and argument

<>. Reformatted.

Johnathon Jamison wrote:
Sean Daley wrote:

I'm not sure if it was ever fully decided that this was a cygwin bug since
windows cmd can also exhibit similar behavior.

I was the original poster back then.  I eventually just worked around
the issue by
writing a native executable that did the same things the batch job was
supposed to do.  Chris' suggestion of shell scripts also works as well.


I think that you are right in saying this is not a cygwin bug. Upon further investigation, it seems it is a cmd misfeature. Would a patch to oddly quote things that spawn_guts "knew" would be passed off to cmd be accepted, given that it would not be a fix, but a kludgy workaround? Or would it be rejected on the grounds that it would possibly introduce instability and future traps?

Given your description, I think the patch would likely be rejected.  Certainly
if there were a reasonable patch that addressed this issue in a maintainable
way, then it would certainly be considered.  But it's impossible to say for
sure what will and will not be accepted without a patch on which to judge
the merits.  It is fair to say that if you feel the patch is dubious, others
will likely agree.

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