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Installing Cygwin on XP laptop part of a domain

Hi. Solely for the purpose of using Unison, I've done Cygwin installs on over
50 WInXP desktops. However, the other day I ran into a problem, which exposed my Unix
inexperience. I tried to install Cygwin on an XP desktop that was part of a
Windows Domain, as a result it put the users "home" in someplace I don't understand. I did some
research and was confronted with all kinds of "mkpasswd" commands that supposedly remedy the
situation but nothing worked.

I want to install Cygwin and NOT keep any files or home directories on the
Windows Server, I want everything self-contained in the XP desktop. I want the users home right
where it always is. Too complicate things the system is actually a laptop so when in the
office they are "on the domain" but when traveling they are "not". I tried installing
"without having a network connection" but that didn't help.

Can someone who has experience installing Cygwin on a WinXP desktop part of a
Windows Domain let me know what to do? Again, the only reason I am installing Cygwin is
to run Unison.



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