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RE: 'fhandler_dev_zero::fixup_mmap_after_fork' problems.

On 17 October 2006 13:17, Simon Mullis wrote:

> I've been a happy Cygwin user for a years now with no issue.  Recently
> (last few months) I've started having many problems with a variety of
> apps.

  What did you install just before it all went wrong?

> Because of the number of apps with which I have an issue I
> suspect it might be an issue with the cygwin DLL and memory allocation
> after forking.

  Well, that plus all the references to memory allocation and forking in the
error messages!

> I've spent a fair amount of time Googling for a solution and although
> I've found a number of people with a similar issue I've not found
> anything yet.
> So my questions:
> - Is this the right group to ask this in?


> - Is this a known issue?

  It's a common failure mode but there can be numerous disparate underlying

> - Is it my environment?  I've tried a complete re-install with no
> change.  I've tried recent CVS builds of the cygwin DLL with no luck.
> - Is it related to my system? (Thinkpad T43 with 2GB RAM, Windows XP Pro
> SP2). 
> - I've also tried adding the reg key heap_chunk_in_mb
> (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin) (as a DWORD).
> I've
> tried setting this to 256, 512 and 768 MB.  No success here either.
> - No amount of 'rebase'-ing seems to have helped either.
> Any pointers, comments or suggestion would be really, really appreciated.

  This is the point at which I usually say ...

"  Disable the "Logitech Process Monitor" service associated with your webcam?
Uninstall Agnitum Outpost?  Disable McAffee's buffer overflow protection
feature?  "

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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