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Re: Can not start UltraEdit using cygwin path

On 2006-10-16, Igor Peshansky <> wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Oct 2006, lin q wrote:

> > I download gvim myself from vim web site and installed it, it is not the
> > one in cygwin package. This is the reason I think the application does
> > not have to be from cygwin package.
> The application has to be a Cygwin *program* to understand POSIX paths,
> but not necessarily a Cygwin package.  However, even if the gvim you've
> installed is not a Cygwin program, it may simply serve as a shell around
> the existing vim installation (and pass the paths to vim unchanged), so if
> the vim it picks up is the one that comes with Cygwin, it will understand
> POSIX paths.

The Windows vim available from the vim web site does its own 
conversion of POSIX paths to Windows paths.  This makes it easier 
for Unix users who are used to typing forward slashes and allows 
users to avoid the question of whether backslashes in file names 
will be interpreted as path separators or as quotes of the following 

It doesn't understand cygwin paths, however, which is an advantage 
to using the Cygwin vim.  I use both.


Gary Johnson                 | Agilent Technologies     | Wireless Division
                             | Spokane, Washington, USA

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