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Re: Can't preview postscript files under xdvi

On 17 Oct 2006 at 05:47 NZDT, Ferran Mazzanti wrote:

> The fact is that I've installed the latest release of cygwin, in an
> attempt to have a unixlike enviroment under my Windows box. I use
> LaTeX extensively and so I thought this could be a good
> solution. However, whenever I include postscript figures in my
> documents, xdvi refuses to display the, It produces an empty red box
> in the place where it is supposed to display the figure, but the
> figure does not appear. I can get the thing done by running dvips
> and converting the .dvi file into a .ps one, which I can view with
> gv. However this does not happen in my linux boxes, where I can
> directly preview .dvi files displaying the postscript figures.
> Any clue about this? Any simple solution I could try?

I have had a similar problem caused by the fact that xdvi uses the
first gs it finds on the PATH and if you have the ghostscript and
ghostscript-x11 packages installed this is the non-X11 one and thus it
can't render to xdvi's window.

I have the following line in my ~/.Xresources file to fix it:

xdvi.interpreter: gs-x11

You could also pass the -interpreter option to xdvi.


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