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Can't preview postscript files under xdvi

Hi group,

first of all let me tell you that I'm new to the list, so please bear
with me if this is very old or known. I've tried a search on the list
but didn't manage to get anything on this line...

The fact is that I've installed the latest release of cygwin, in an
attempt to have a unixlike enviroment under my Windows box. I use LaTeX
extensively and so I thought this could be a good solution. However,
whenever I include postscript figures in my documents, xdvi refuses to
display the, It produces an empty red box in the place where it is
supposed to display  the figure, but the figure does not appear. I can
get the thing done by running dvips and converting the .dvi file into a
.ps one, which I can view with gv. However this does not happen in my
linux boxes, where I can directly preview .dvi files displaying the
postscript figures.

Any clue about this? Any simple solution I could try?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best wishes,


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