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Re: cywin shared dll

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your help.

That's the problem.  You should only ever have a single version of
cygwin1.dll installed anywhere on your system.  Delete the old copy, and
just put the new one on the path.

If I want to distribute one command for the end user to use and don't want to have
a full installation. Also, I don't know if the user has the cygwin pre-installed or not.

> is there a way I can set up an environment variable using mount or PATH
> setting
> that will make cygwin grep.exe to search
> c:\mycygwin first  before searching x:\cygwin\bin?

Yes, you can adjust the PATH environment variable from the control panel,
but the bigger question you should be asking yourself is why not just have
a single installation of cygwin (your choice of c:\mycygwin or
x:\cygwin\bin) and not have to worry about which of the multiple copies
will be used.

Are you sure PATH works?
In the PATH c:\mycgwin is ahead of system path and x:\cygwin\bin is even not in the path.
It still failed with the same error.


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