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RE: emacs hangs at start, or sometime later

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> [] On Behalf Of ahnkle
> Sent: Friday, October 13, 2006 6:57 AM
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> Subject: emacs hangs at start, or sometime later
> hi,
> I am having some problems with my emacs. I have 21.2-13 
> installed, and recently it started locking up after some 
> time, from ~1 hour to 3-4 hours. The window would not 
> repaint. The emacs process usage goes up to 50%, then close 
> to 100%, until the process is killed.
> Then I tried rebaseall. It just brok  emacs, emacs hung at 
> startup. I have re-installed 21.2.13, and ncurses (mentioned 
> in an old post), and X packages, and am back to emacs running 
> for 'some period', then locking up.
> Any ideas about where next?
> And another thing...
> I tried building emacs 21.2-13 from source, and it doesn't 
> work. So far there is
>   * missing/corrupt file 'emacs.pif' in the emacs-21.2.tar.gz file
>   * cygwin build/install script tries to call emacs at the 
> end of make, but temacs.exe 
>     is the file
>   * static heap exhausted message
> The source file emacs-21.2-13-src.tar.bz2 has a good md5sum.
> regards,
> ahnkle

I am also having this problem.  It was reported to this list back on 9
August, and some other people indicated they too are experiencing this.  I
had to revert back to a previous version of cygwin, 1.5.18, which I still
had installed on my box.  With that version this hang in emacs does not
occur.  However, this 1.5.18 version has the other problem which causes
cygwin based processes to hang if examined with Process Explorer, so I would
like to move to the latest version when possible.

If you are able to get any further information on what the cause may be or
how to work around it, I think many people would be grateful.  I will
continue to try updates to cygwin as they are made available, but I think in
the end it will require someone much more familiar than myself with the
internal workings of cygwin and debugging in this environment to track it
down.  Hopefully someone with that background will themselves run into the
hang and be able to debug it.


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