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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: vim-7.0.122-1

Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 01:54:16PM +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
I think it is needed.  At least the postinstall
script creates paths which point outside the Cygwin root, so it either
needs to reference cygdrive paths, or use DOS paths.  Using cygdrives
paths is preferable, IMHO.  Since the cygdrive path is not fixed, and
can even differ between different users on the same machine, there must
be a fixed method to reference these paths.

If we're pointing outside of the Cygwin root then we can either 1) use a mount or (in the current scenario) 2) establish a standard way to access the windows directory. My mild objection is that we're talking about modifying the Cygwin DLL to accommodate the Cygwin distribution. A standalone Cygwin program doesn't necessarily need to use /etc/hosts but, if we are modifying cygwin1.dll to hard-wire a path, it will nonetheless have to suffer the consequences of that decision.

Personally I'd rather not further clutter the root directory, which is
why /proc seems to me to be a better place to point to the cygdrive
paths in a constant fashion.  But that is only a mild opposition.  I'd
also go along with /cygdrive.

We're already cluttering the root one less than linux since modern linuxes use /dev, /proc, and /sys.

Hmm.  /sys/drive/c  has a nice feel to it, although this is YA a case where
the existence of a filesystem under this directory is not linux-like.

I still like /dev/fs :-), or maybe /sys/fs. Perhaps /sys/fs/os should point to %SYSTEMDIR%? (Or /sys/fs/windows, or - except it sounds redundant - /sys/fs/sys.)

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