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Re: Problems with 'dircolors'

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According to Long, Phillip GOSS on 10/11/2006 3:56 PM:
> Mea culpa; I dropped the ball.
> Try putting this line immediately after the `eval' line:
> 	export LS_COLORS

Useless advice.  Have you looked at the output of dircolors?  It already
includes the necessary export line.  Not to mention that if LS_COLORS were
left a shell variable instead of exported, ls would not be able to see the
changes in the first place.  Trust me, dircolors is designed to work with
ls, so any extra steps would be the sign of a bug in dircolors.

Oh, by the way, if you use tcsh, be aware that it also uses the LS_COLORS
environment variable internally, but that it does not understand quite as
many options as ls does and gripes about what it doesn't understand, which
is why I had to patch the cygwin version of LS_COLORS to silence stderr
during the tcsh eval.  Hopefully, a newer release of tcsh will allow me to
remove that hack from coreutils.

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