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Re: All Files and Directories on a Windows Fileserver Share Act Like Character Special Device

Long, Phillip GOSS wrote after the sig:
(Posting so anyone else that wants to complain knows it's already been mentioned; my usual reason for yelling publicly :-).)

FYI it's also good practice to remove signatures when you reply; it confuses "good" mailers if you don't: your reply becomes a very LONG signature (which may be a different, possibly less legible color), and mailers that snip signatures will also snip your reply, rather than correctly quoting it.

And since you mentioned evil Outlook, two suggestions:

1. Get Thunderbird. Even if you (like me! ;-)) can't use this for regular e-mail, you can still use and use it for nothing but this list (or other NNTP groups, of course).

2. Investigate "oe-quotefix". Googling that, or 'outlook PCYMTNQREAIYR' should find it.

Will your shell have salvation? Only if it's Bourne Again.

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