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zero byte /bin/bash file - what creates it?


Admittedly just barely worth posting.. Over the years I've seen a
/bin/bash file, with 000 (---------) perms. This file is empty, has no
extension, and bash.exe is not touched. How the zero byte "/bin/bash"
get's created is a mystery. It subsequently blocks you from 'sshing'
in. It was created twice today - I was the only one on the server, in
both cases I was untarring (-jUxpf) or (--same-owner -jUxpf) a 70MB
file, sometime near the time of the "/bin/bash" timestamp. I believe in both
cases I may have ^C'd the tar job, as I was getting too many permissions
errors. It has to be something I did, I went through my bash history and
don't see anything obvious.

uname -a shows 
"CYGWIN_NT-5.2 c7mkes109 1.5.20s(0.155/4/2) 20060403 13:33:45 i686 Cygwin"

I'm not asking for help just sharing info.  I go for many months w/o this
happening, so I thought it was interesting that it happened twice today,
while I was dealing w/untar permissions challenges.

thanks much,

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