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Re: All Files and Directories on a Windows Fileserver Share Act Like Character Special Device

Long, Phillip GOSS wrote:

On 06-oct-2006 22:44, I upgraded my Cygwin installation from  There are two Windows fileservers to which I have
access, and which I have mounted, that now show up colored yellow on
black, and apparently _are_ being treated as character special devices.
At first I thought it was 'bash' acting up, because when I used
tab-completion, the `bash' shell died, and the parent process (`rxvt,'
in this case) died because the `bash' shell exited.  It turned out to
also happen with _any_ `bash' shell running in _any_ window (`rxvt,'
Windows CMD console, `rxvt' and `xterm' under `XWin,' etc.), and there
are also similar problems when running `cp,' `ls,' and `mv,' so I
suspect that this may be an interaction between the fileservers and an
underlying DLL.

There are only two fileservers which exhibit this behavior; there are
about three others which do not show up as character devices and for
which tab-completion (and everything else) works.  When I `cd' to a
directory on one of the affected servers (_not_ using tab-completion!),
I can do an `ls,' but the dates show up 14-jan-1979 (see attached
`ls-al[ctu]r.lis' and `cmd-dir.lis' files), as if the binary timestamp
were 0, or close to it; `ls' returns no data and an exit status of 0 if
it is run on a directory on the affected server with $PWD on another
filesystem.  I also found that if I am examining a file using `less' and
shell out with the `!' command to run an `ls' command on one of these
fileservers, tab-completion (using lesskey?) fails, but does not cause
less to die, nor does the command I am typing die (I just get a <BEL> on
the terminal).  I can `cp' and `mv' files to such a fileserver, but not
re-direct output (a zero-length file is created when I redirect output).
Finally, this is only a problem on the fileservers, not on my local
machine (even on a USB2.0-connected 60GiB Iomega hard drive).

I am running on a WinXP Professional platform; I believe, but am not
sure, that this is also the case for the fileservers.  The versions of
the `bash,' `cyg*,' and `less' packages is in the attached file

I suppose I could go back to the previous version, but there were some
issues with that as well, and I would rather fix this instead.  I
haven't found anything in the archives, but I may have missed what I
need; I apologize for taking up your time if I have dropped the ball.

Thx, Phil the Old Coder
<< File: ls-alur.lis >> << File: ls-alcr.lis >> << File: ls-altr.lis >> << File: cmd-dir.lis >> << File: setup.ini.extract >>

This looks like more of a permissions problem of some kind.  What does
'getfacl' or 'cacls' have to say about any of these files/directories?
What's the file system here?  Knowing what O/S and sharing protocol would
be helpful.  And, in general:

Problem reports:

'cygcheck' information here is really critical to start.

Larry Hall                    
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216 Dalton Rd.                          (508) 893-9889 - FAX
Holliston, MA 01746

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