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Re: cygwin 1.5.21-2: ssh-add unable to connect to ssh-agent with McAfee installed

On 10/11/06, Tim Beuman <> wrote:
Hi Jason,

The "Ridiculous amount of stuff" was sent out as atachments but I guess
somehow it ended up inline. Sorry for that.

Anyway, I tried to disable all McAfee options (Virus Protection, Spyware
protection, SystemGuard Protection, Script scanning and email) but to no
avail. With the previous version of McAfee (version 8 I think) I was
able to diable enough to get it working.

When I run ssh-agent with the -d flag (which also keeps it in the
foregound), it works. Only when ssh-agent is started as daemon does the
problem show up. Looks like a privilege problem to me but I will keep



I was digging through the archives of another website dedicated to cygwin and ssh and found this:

It is for version 8.0i (which is what I am running), but have you
tried running rebaseall as it suggests?

This wacky long-might-not-work link from searching Google groups
suggests running sshd with '-D -r'

Good luck!

By the way, have you tried to contact McAfee support?


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