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Re: Fatal error with PGREP

Sean McNamara wrote:
Thanks for your response Matthew.  I have attached my
cygcheck output this time.

Um... ok, we got it the first two times, you can stop posting it now. :-)

Sorry for not doing that  initially.  Most mailing lists I
subscribe to do not  allow attachments, so I didn't think
of doing so initially.

Next time:

Also, I've reviewed the definition for TOFU, and am not
sure I'm completely clear on where I went wrong other than
possibly including the entire first email as a quote in
the second, but will make sure that does not happen again.

Well, that was it. TOFU: "Top over, fullquote under". You did both; included your entire original message, and also placed your reply above, where it is out of context. This time you left out context entirely. One could probably debate which is preferable.

Oh, and also you might want to PCYMTWLL(*), and you *WILL* want to PCYMTNQREAIYR (or I can almost promise you you'll get yelled at ;-)). So far you've only done it to yourself. :-)

Alternatively, do yourself a huge favor and try Thunderbird ( If you can't use it for e-mail, but have NNTP access, then you can go through for this list (and many others).

(*Apparently TB doesn't "actually" wrap - despite making you think it does in the composition window - but it doesn't cause the problems associated with 'bad' mailers that don't wrap, ala your post here: Make your window horizontally small and observe the scrollbar.)

-- Back to your originally-scheduled topic --

I also don't know why pgrep is not working; it WFM but 'pgrep sh' at a command prompt on a system not doing anything else isn't much of a test. Dave's suggestion sounded worth a try, or after it is in always-fail mode you could try debugging with gdb.

"Try to bring it back in one piece this time." -- Q (MI6)

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