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Re: Problem running cygwin with 3rd party dll

Thanks for the reply.  I'm new to cygwin (and windows development) so I
still don't understand a lot of this.  I've replaced the cygwin1.dll file
with the latest snapshot and removed the WinAVR stuff from the Path
environment variable (not my computer, don't even know what that is), but
the problem persists.

What's interesting is that I get a different error telling me that the
camera could not be found if it's not plugged in (and the library even
prints an error via fprintf), and this error if it is plugged in, so it
definitely seems like it's trying to run driver code and crashing.

I'm not sure what you mean when you refer to MSVCRT*.DLL (again, I'm new
to windows).

Just in case I screwed something up, I'm attaching the latest
configuration information again.

Larry Hall wrote:
> Sounds to me like you have a case of:
> <>
> But noticing your environment calls out two other things.  You have a
> pretty
> old version of Cygwin (1.5.19) in your installation directory
> (C:/cygwin/bin)
> and an *ancient* version (1.3.22) in your c:/WinAVR/bin directory.  Both
> are
> visible in your path.  That's a *big no-no*.  I suggest removing the
> ancient
> version.  You should also consider upgrading your older installation at
> some
> convenient time in the future.

Greg Slepak
Software Developer
CIMAR @ University of Florida

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