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rxvt-unicode-X: package updates to allow building with its embedded perl interpreter enabled

To allow incremental search of the scrollback buffer with
rxvt-unicode, I recently rebuilt the package with the
--enable-perl option, to include the embedded perl
interpreter required for this feature.

A few changes to the build script and Makefiles were
necessary, because the perl-specific sections had not been
tweaked to be compatible with the sandbox-type package build
process used (.build/.inst/.sinst subdirs).

If anyone would like to see these changes or use this
updated package, the source package can be downloaded as

Note that this package will not build with the current
perl-5.8.7-5 (see This
will be fixed in the next package release, however a quick
fix is to edit 


changing the line 
static_ext=' Win32CORE'

To the rxvt-unicode-X package maintainer:
I assume you made a conscious decision not to enable the
embedded perl interpreter, due to concerns of impacted
performance and/or added dependencies, but if I'm wrong,
please feel free to incorporate these changes.

In any case, it might be worthwhile incorporating all of the
changes, bar the "--enable-perl" option to the configure
script, so that the package will build cleanly if a user
wants to rebuild with this option.

Best regards,

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