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Re: what is spam filter flagging????

Mike Marchywka wrote:
Well, since you seem willing to tolerate clutter on this topic,
perhaps you could suggest a "uses of cygwin" list as Chris claimed
that the "talk" list probably isn't appropriate. The original post
was only a few kb, long by many criteria I guess, and reasonably
labelled. I could send you a private copy of the offending text.

Certainly a significant feature of cygwin is the ability to run
command line stuff under windoze- quite a central theme in
my original post and should be of broad interest to some

Thanks again.

There are a multitude of Cygwin-related lists out there. All the ones I'm aware of that aren't through (or some packaging of it) are individuals with some specialty that they want to pass on at their own site. I'm sure you could poke around a little and unearth some. I can't recommend any of these sites however.

Chris has seen your intended message and has rendered his opinion that
the contents would be off-topic for this list.  I trust his judgment
here.  He didn't say that it was off-topic for the talk list.  Just that
it was "even close to being off-topic for cygwin-talk".  If you feel this
information absolutely must get out and that some list should
have it, you could try the cygwin-talk list.  It may get caught by the
spam filters there too though.  If so, your best bet is to try a different
forum not connected with  And for that I would have to point
you to google.

-- Larry Hall RFK Partners, Inc. (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office 216 Dalton Rd. (508) 893-9889 - FAX Holliston, MA 01746

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