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Re: lyx has problem with network directory names

Enrico Forestieri wrote:
Larry Hall writes:

Enrico Forestieri wrote:
David Arnstein writes:
I just tried to use the Cygwin port of lyx. It cannot cope with my
home directory, which appears as //fs-sj1-15/darnstein in Cygwin. This
is a network directory, obviously.

When lyx starts up, it emits a complaint
	QSettings: error creating /fs-sj1-15/darnstein/.qt

When I try to save a lyx document to my home directory, lyx complains
when it presents its file browser dialog box. It says
	Could not read directory /fs-sj1-15

It appears that lyx is trying to access the root directory (/). It
does not seem to know how to interpret the Windows syntax "//."
This is because lyx uses the boostfs library with BOOST_POSIX defined,
so any path of the form //xxx/yyy is normalized to /xxx/yyy.
I understand that //machine/path is a windowism, but I think that it
should be allowed on cygwin. Can this be seen a boost bug?

Possibly.  But I expect boost folks would argue that using UNC syntax doesn't
fit with POSIX semantics.  Currently, the code keys off of BOOST_POSIX or
BOOST_WINDOWS defines to determine the API to use.  Under Cygwin, BOOST_POSIX
makes the most sense but with that definition comes the restriction of no UNC
paths.  Obviously, the workaround for now is to just mount the path in Cygwin
to create a POSIX path to use.  This will make Lyx happy without too much of a
burden for the user.

As I explained in an another mail, in this case the culprit is qt3 and not boost. I suspected boost because of the following comment in boost/libs/filesystem/src/path_posix_windows.cpp:

  // POSIX & Windows cases: "", "/", "/foo", "foo", "foo/bar"
  // Windows only cases: "c:", "c:/", "c:foo", "c:/foo",
  //                     "prn:", "//share", "//share/", "//share/foo"

but, even if UNC paths are not taken into account, the leading '/' is
not stripped out. Instead, it is qt3 that strips it and I also posted
a patch allowing UNC paths in qt3. Maybe it can be applied to the cygwin

Possibly. That's a determination for the qt maintainer. In the meantime, my suggested workaround should still work.

Larry Hall                    
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216 Dalton Rd.                          (508) 893-9889 - FAX
Holliston, MA 01746

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