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Re: Requesting an updated gcc-mingw-g++ package to match gcc-g++-3.4.4-2 (PR24196)

 >> I was running gcc-g++-3.4.4-1, and was running into the same problem of a
>> std::string allocating memory in a different DLL described here:
>> Could someone please upload matching gcc-mingw-* packages that contain the
>> fix applied to 3.4.4-2?
>   Request duly noted.  I'm half-way through updating the main cygwin gcc
> release ATM; I'll look at this after I've got it done and before I move on to
> thinking about 3.4.6.

I have been wondering for some time why Cygwin gcc is still in the 3.4.x
versions while the the current gcc is 4.1.1. The GNU gcc site states that the
3.4.x has been closed with 3.4.6 being the final one. My only guess is that
Cygwin has a very cautious incremental upgrade policy.

Since I would like to move to the gcc-4.1.x branch to keep synchronized with the
Linux distributions, I am curious when the migration to the 4.1.x branch is
anticipated. Will you have to go through the 4.0.x versions first, or can you
jump to a reasonably current version?

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